Knowing your HIV status allows you to take steps to keep you and your partner(s) healthy and safe. When you have used your self-test HIV kit, make sure your read your results in a well lit area.

Non-reactive Result

If one line appears next to the “C” and no line appears to the “T”, it means that your test is non-reactive and you are negative for HIV.

Reactive result

If there are two lines, one next to the “C” and any line next to the “T”, even if it is a faint line; it is possible you may have HIV, but you will need an additional test which is carried out in a clinic to confirm your result.

Invalid result

If there is no line next to the “C” (even where there is a line next to the “T”) or the line next to the “C” is not complete (all the way across the window) or a red background makes it difficult to read the test; it means the test is not correct, the result is invalid and should be repeated.

If you are unsure of your result or you do not know your result after using your kit, you can kindly contact our team of sexual health professionals via WhatsApp: +233 – 59 – 159 – 3413 for further support.